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The principle of operation of all online casino is relatively easy and almost identical. You just need a computer and an internet connection to play top casino games. In general, there are two types of software which are used by almost all online casinos.

Online casinos are marked with graphics and animation, especially sound, impeccable quality. Online casinos offer a wide selection of games and bets you can not find anywhere in traditional gambling establishments.

Keno is a game from ancient, the same style of Sic Bo. Its ease of use and its infallible accessibility has allowed this game to get a reputation unparalleled in the world. Keno was conceived by a certain Leung, a king of that period. His country was living under the threat of imminent war and Leung was afraid of lacking resources to fund his armies.

The creation of Keno allowed him, in fact, to maintain the heritage of his country by establishing legally this game, could meet the needs of his army and the city. The collection of funds through the Keno allowed in particular to develop the headquarters of the great and beautiful Wall of  yet been amended since then.

The initial game was certainly composed of 80 balls but the latter did not provide any numbers, instead of the initial and characters derived from literature. In this sense, Keno was also a cultural and educational center, which was very popular with children. The balls, which provided a different start, were intended to teach poetry and culture. Keno has become so popular in Asia as a tool for learning Chinese language and traditions.

How could the Keno aftercare, It was first exported by Chinese immigrant workers. These were workers who rode the railway lines. During their breaks, is dedicated to keno, their traditional game, with the aim of remembering a habit of reminding him of their country. The government immediately accepted the use and practice of this game, already considered illegal at the time.

However, since 1931, the most influential members of the people put up their first lottery game that works on the model of keno. Keno was strangely represented by a "horse", a sacred animal, and this symbol was changed slowly in the hope of standardizing this game to all the other layers and ethnic groups that make up the population.